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Biennial International Symposium ”Forest and Sustainable Development” 8th Edition, 25th-27th of October 2018, Brașov, Romania

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  1. Nicolae TALAGAI, Marius CHEŢA, Alex Vincio GAVILANES MONTOYA, Danny D. CASTILLO VIZUETE, Stelian Alexandru BORZ: Predicting Time Consumption of Chipping Tasks in a Willow Short Rotation Coppice from Global Positioning System and Acceleration Data 1 – 12
  2. Mihai Leonard DUDUMAN, Daniela LUPAȘTEAN, Constantin NEȚOIU, Romică TOMESCU: Research Carried Out in Romania on Ecology and Management of the Poplar Defoliator Clostera (Pygaera) Anastomosis L. (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) 13 – 24
  3. Dan Traian IONESCU, Călin HODOR, Marius DRUGĂ, Marina DRUGĂ: Recent Occurrence of the American Mink (Neovison Vison) in the Central Romania 25 – 32
  4. Abdullah E. AKAY, İnanç TAȘ, Burhan GENCAL, Ebru BILICI: Extraction of Resinous Root Woods as an Alternative Source of Resin in Turkey 33 – 40
  5. Marius POPA, Ramon JURJ, George SÎRBU, Georgeta IONESCU, Ancuța FEDORCA, Ovidiu IONESCU: Home Range, Daily and Seasonal Activity of Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos) in South-Eastern Carpathians – a GPS/GSM Telemetry Study 41 – 54
  6. Stanimir STOILOV: Tower Yarder Work Time and Productivity Study in Rhodope Mountains 55 – 64
  7. Mika YOSHIDA, Hideo SAKAI: Short History of Forest Mechanization and Its Perspectives in Japan 65 – 72
  8. Georgeta MIHAI, Alexandru Lucian CURTU, Paula GARBACEA, Alin Mădălin ALEXANDRU, Ionel MIRANCEA, Maria TEODOSIU: Genetic Variation and Inheritance of Bud Flushing in a Norway Spruce Seed Orchard Established in Romania 73 – 82
  9. Maria Magdalena VASILESCU, Cornel Cristian TEREŞNEU: Estimating The Volume Of Lower Stem Wood On Standing Beech Trees Using Telemetry And Dendrometric Tables: A Comparison
  10. Avram CICŞA, Gheorghe Marian TUDORAN, Alexandru Claudiu DOBRE,Victor Vasile MIHĂILĂ, Robert Georgian MIHAI, Ancuţa Mihaela MARGALINESCU, Corina Ștefania FARCAŞ, Ioan COMĂNIŢĂ, Maria BOROEANU: Structure Models for Beech-Conifers Stands with Protective Functions
  11. Victor Dan PĂCURAR: An Analysis of Very Dry and Wet Months Occurrence Probability in the Growing Season for Brasov Area 107 – 114
  12. Ion DUBOVICH, Halyna LESIUK, Ihor SOLOVIY, Vitaliy SOLOVIY: Long Way from Government to Governance: Meta-Analysis of Ukrainian Forestry Reformation 115 – 126
  13. Harisios GANATSIOS, Lydia Maria PETALOUDI, Andreas OIKONOMOU: 

    Proposal of a Three-Step Water Management Paradigm for Multi-Purpose Forestry: The Case of Mountainous Halkidiki-Greece


    Adrian INDREICA, Marius TEODOSIU, Ana-Mary PETRIŢAN, Veronika ÖDER, Jan KASPER, Erwin BERGMEIER, Christoph LEUSCHNER, Oliver GAILING, Stefan HOHNWALD, Henning WILDHAGEN, Helge WALENTOWSKI: Nemoral Deciduous Forests under Climatic Extremes – Phytosociological Studies along Climatic Gradients in SW Romania 139 – 148
  15.  Baraket MOKHTAR, Boutheina KRAIMA, Khaoula NEFZI, Sondes FKIRI, Walid JAOUADI, Zouhair NASR: Seasonal Variability of Gas Exchange Responses and Hydraulic Traits of Three Provenances of Pinus Halepensis Mill.
  16. Rudolf Alexandru DERCZENI, Emilia Adela SALCĂ, Valentina Doina CIOBANU, Ioan BITIR, Elena Camelia MUȘAT, Sarantis Angelos LIAMPAS: Establishing Criteria for Calculating the Tax/Road Tolling for Vehicles used for Timber Transport on Forest Roads 161 – 170
  17. Ebru BILICI, Burhan GENCAL, İnanç TAŞ, Abdullah E. AKAY: Assessment of Firefighting Facilities and Roads regarding with Fire-Resistant Forest Project (YARDOP) 171 – 176
  18. Cornel Cristian TEREŞNEU, Maria Magdalena VASILESCU: The Influence of Orographic and Tree Stand Factors on the Precision of Planimetric Coordinates Determined using GPS Equipment in a Forest Environment 177 – 184
  19. Murat ALAN: Male Fertility in Clonal Seed Orchard of Spheroid Scots Pine 185 – 192
  20. Adrian Cosmin GHIMBĂŞAN, Iosif VOROVENCII, Mihnea CĂŢEANU: Using Images Acquired from a Rural Area with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Order to Achieve the Land and Constructions Cadaster 193 – 210
  21. Attila FARKAS, Ferenc JÁNOSKA, András NÁHLIK: Ecological Niche Relationships in Golden Jackal’s Core Area of Distribution in Early Stages of Cub Rearing Season 211 – 222